Role of Haridra(Turmeric) in Cancer

Turmeric( Haridra), a spice widely used in Ayurveda, have following properties.

Properties of Haridra

Rasa- Bitter, Pungent
Guna- Light & Dry
Virya- Hot
Vipaka (Properties after digestion) – Pungent
Effect- Tridoshaghna (Balances all three Dosha) — Because of Ushna (Hot) virya -Balances Vata &
Kapha, Due to Bitterness it balances Pitta.

Therapeutic Effect

Deepan, Pachak( increases digestive power)
Shothagna (Anti-inflammatory)
Vedanstaphak( Analgesic)
Vranropak ( Wound healing properties)
Pandu- Useful in liver diseases & Anaemia
Dhatu satmikaran ( Nourishes & replenish all Dhatus)
Kushtaghna, Kandughna  (Useful in skin diseases, reduces itchiness)
Lekhaniya (Scrapping action)
Vishaghna(useful in toxic condition)
Shirovirechan ( Takes out toxins from Head)
Pramehagna (In Diabetes)
Krimighna (relieves worms)
Vishodhini ( Natural Detoxifier)

Mode of action of Haridra (Tumeric) in Cancer

It`s well-known that nowadays cancer is one of the most dangerous worldwide spread illnesses. However, there are alternative solutions to fight against this disease. One of the best natural alternatives is using turmeric.

There are the nine key areas that affect cancer which include: inflammation, detoxification, immune system, nutrition, balancing blood sugar levels, regulating pH and acidity, ensuring good quality and quantity of sleep, supporting lymphatic system and reducing stress. Each of these areas can either contribute to cancer starting, growing or spreading so it is important to create a cancer care plan.

1. Haridra is tridosha hara. Generally all doshas get involved in a serious disease like cancer, so its help in balancing all three dosha.
2. It have lekhaneenya properties,so  good in reducing the size of the tumour. It has Anti-tumour properties.
3. Effective in disease conditions like Pandu, vrana, apachi and tridoshas – conditions that get correlated to various cancer types.
4. It is tikta, katu Rasa, katu vipaaka, ruksha, laghu Guna. Make it supportive for maintaining the metabolic processes and in cleaning the srothas(channels). It has visodhana property (natural detoxifier).
5. It also balances all the three dosha and due to Dhatu satmikaran helps in nourishes & Replenishes all Dhatus, which is much needed in Cancer.It increases the ojas(immunity) of the body. As in cancer the immunity gets low so its helps in boosting up the immunity power of the body and prevent the body from infection.
6. Its helps in reducing the effect of chemotherapy. As it have analgesic properties which reduce the pain after the chemotherapy. Turmeric can make chemo more effective
7. Turmeric prevents certain cancers.
Modern studies have shown that turmeric contain Curcumin as an active ingredients which is help in treating cancer. Curcumin is acting as the powerful antioxidant that can help and protect our body`s cells from free radicals which can damage the cells.

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