Ayurvedic Management for Hair fall

Nowadays hair fall problem is quite common. People living in sedentary ways of lifestyle along with poor dietary habits result in dosha imbalance which directly reflect in loss of hair In Ayurveda hair fall is termed as khalitya. Which cause due to Pitta(Fire) and Vata(Air) dosha imbalance.


•Increased intake of fried, sour, spicy, salty and fermented food. Similarly use of vinegar, pickles, carbonated drinks, tea and coffee along with excessive consumption of alcohol and meat aggravates the pitta (fire) and Vata (air) dosha.
•Anger and stress
•Underlying medical conditions like thyroid problem, anaemia, dandruff etc..
•Hormonal imbalance. In women hair loss is quite common during menopause.
•Dieting and poor nutrition. low digestive power (poor digestive fire/Agni), Iron deficiency, calcium deficiency
•Excessive intake of birth control pills, Steroids.
•During Chemotherapy
•Not applying hair oil on regular basis. Regular or improper use of dyes, gels and hair sprays, use of harmful shampoos, frequent use of a blow dryer. Improper washing, drying, and combing of hair.

Ayurvedic Management

•Kesha (hairs) are Asthi(bone tissue) mala or derivatives of bones. In these conditions bone health is also important so it’s important to have natural calcium supplements, nutritious food.
•Rasayanas(Rejuvenating medicines) like Chyawanprash, Markkava Rasayanam etc helps to provide nourishment to the tissues(Dhatu posharn)
•Application of ayurvedic formulated oils/powders/packs externally,
•Panchakarma for detoxification since toxin also affects the cells of the hair follicles
•Shiro Abhyanga warm oil scalp massage to prevent dry scalp and increasing blood circulation to the scalp. It’s not only helps in preventing hair fall but also in re- growing of hair.
•Shirodhara to prevent stress and strengthen the nervous system
•Shirobasti enhance the lustrous nature in hair
•Shirolepam an herbal paste application using Amalaki,Yastimadhu etc.
•Nasyam an oil nasal administration to promote circulation

Diet & Life style Management

•Healthy lifestyle is extremely necessary to control hair fall.
•Good-quality sleep to help the natural process of rejuvenation
•Daily exercise, and practice yoga asanas and breathing exercise (pranayama) to relieve mental and physical stress.
•Use gentle, natural shampoos and hair products that do not contain harmful chemicals.
•Eating healthy & balanced diet
Some Important single Herbs promote hair growth
•Aswagandha/Indian Ginseng
•Bhringraj/Eclipta Alba
•Kumari/Aloe vera

Following formulations are helpful in arresting the thinning of hair
• Dasamoolarishtam
• Ashwagandarishtam
• Lohassavam
• Tab Hair growth formula

Following preparations are helpful for the promotion of hair growth
• Chemparutyadi keram/taila
• Dhurdhoorapatradi oil
• Neelibringadi oil
• Bhringamalakadi oil

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